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This site is nothing but horse manure. I met user invisiblesd ...

what an fraud. He immediately wanted to *** and claimed he put my allowance on this prepaid card. An he got offended when I wanted to check balance which was zero.

Than he saved the little cheap outfit he bought me and put it back in his bag after I took it off. Ladies beware!!

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New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #859508

State your prices for your services upfront and make clear you must be paid first for whatever service they are booking you for. Also, have you tried Backpage?

Make sure you are using recent photos as there are complaints on this site from men complaining the prostitutes on backpage rip you off by posting outdated photos. Good luck.


I met the same man on the site, and he did the same with me, except for the outfit and wanted to give me a prepaid card with nothing on it.. These guys prey on women, and dont care who you are or what they are doing...Be very cautious, especially with this same a**hole!!!

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