He has no photo. nor a local phone number in order to text or call.


call me and text my Phone: 234-8083693071

(We've met online. 8/14/14)

Oh honey I"m going to treat you so good, send me an email or text me

i am in hospital with my son, he had a terrible accident at school

tell me more about you..............pause HERE IT COMES!!!!I need your help urgent,, Honey,, as i told you, i am in hospital now with my son, his name is Scott, he had a terrible accident at school sporting building this afternoon and he broke his legs, ankle and tooth, his face is swollen up,

the doctors here in Africa are on strik and they say i should fly him back to the states and we will be arriving the states for proper medicare and the discharge bill before i can fly him is $2,700, and i gave the doctor 2,000 already but remaining just 700 to complete. I went to use my card and i see that my card is inactive till i arrive the states Wednesday

I want to fly him down to the states and we will arrive the states Wednesday but My atm card not working here till i arrive friday I will pay you back in 48hrs as soon as i arrive ok, just $700 remaining. <<--------------------(48 hours Today is Thursday 8/14/14 it will be SATURDAY in 48hours)

Pls only 700 to complete so i can fly him down to the states. help me save my son life urgent. I will pay you back and i will pay all your bills when i arrive ok. <-----------poor grammar from an educated Sugardaddy?

Honey, i am ready to place you on a monthly allowance of $3k monthly if our chemistry works ok. (IF IF our chemistry works? I save your son's life handing over $700bucks and I get an IF?)

like i said, i am ready to place you on a monthly allowance of $3k monthly if our chemistry works ok.

Try me and you will be happy you did ok.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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wow sounds like what i get and have gotten you are not alone


Scam written all over it

Bothell, Washington, United States #908952

I received the exact asme e-mail to a tee, I reported him to the SugarDaddyforme website,but the website says they willcontact you within 48 hours and I have received no response, this complaint or any other complaint that I have subitted so far.

Denver, Colorado, United States #903901

I had the same issue, he had the screenname of footbai.He claims he is from Atchinson, Kansas and also has a home in North Carolina.

His "occupation" is gold and diamond miner currently in Nigeria.

He claims to be an American but his English is poor.My emails from him are slightly different but in the end the are basically the same.


Dear anonymous,

Apparently the email address peterthomas650@yahoo.com is not associated with an active account. Can you please send his SugarDaddyForMe username to cs@sugardaddyforme.com so we can investigate it?

Thank you!



Thank you for pointing this member out.We will look into the matter and if the member is not in accordance with our terms and conditions we will terminate his membership.

Also (as the warning message on our website mentions), please note that any messages involving Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Singapore, wiring money, online escrow services, or cashiers checks are definitely scams and should be ignored.

Do not be fooled by requests for money from people you just met no matter how convincing their story is or how beautiful or handsome their photos appear.

The photos are almost certainly not really them at all but merely photos of models copied from the Internet.

Thank you and have a great day.

to Customer Support #900097

Did this ever get taken care of? He messaged me twice tonight? I reported it and spammed him.


A common scam.You "meet" someone online, and suddenly they have some major emergency and need money from you.

With things like Magicjack, they can have a US phone number and be anywhere in the world.

Don't fall for it -- you'll lose your money, and you'll only hear back when they have another "problem" that needs your money.

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